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Testimonial from Educators

  The children are encouraged to share their dreams, hopes, and fears. [Project WITT] helps prepare students for life’s triumphs and successes as well as failures and mistakes. It encourages hard work, emphasizes self-esteem and demands respect for oneself and for others. Through this program, children are offered the tools to survive, to be productive and form close relationships. They are taught methods of making sense and order out of a world that is not always perfect.
[Project WITT] is a must for every school in the City of Buffalo and beyond.

Elizabeth Lonergan,
Grade 6 Instructor, Broadway Village Elementary Community

It is without hesitation that I recommend [Project WITT]. It’s a proven program that makes a difference, thinks outside the box and redirects students’ lives.

Robert Bradley Jr.,,
Assistant Principal, School District of the City of Niagara Falls

We have seen an increase in attendance and a decrease in discipline referrals for our grade 8 male population since implementing this program. I would strongly recommend this program at urban schools.

Dr. Tonja Williams,,
Principal, Futures Academy School

  From January to June, our 4th-grade students who participated in the program yielded the following quantitative results:
 48% of students improved their overall grade point average for the 3rd quarter.
 54% of students improved their overall grade point average for the 4th quarter.
 58% of students increased their daily attendance rate.
 55% decrease in total number of disciplinary referrals.

Ramona Reynoldsn,
Principal, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School

  During several observations, I noticed a heightened amount of positive conversation surrounding goal setting and attainment. In addition, students frequently ask me how they can become a part of Reverend Coplin’s group. I am an enthusiastic supporter of continuing and expanding Reverend Coplin’s leadership group to a wider range of students.

Dr. Casey Young,,
Principal, East High School

Our Students Are Saying

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